Accreditation of Media

Accreditation of Media

The accreditation of foreign media representatives will be processed from 15th March to 15th August 2018.

Accreditation of foreign media representatives is carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic. (

The procedure for accreditation of foreign media representatives ends at 15 AUGUST 18:00 (UTC+6) Bishkek.  

Please note that after this date(15th August) applications for accreditations will not be accepted.

In order to be accredited to cover the Third World Nomad Games   the following package of documents should be sent to  e-mail: before 15 AUGUST 2018:

  • Completed accreditation application form

  • Copy of passport

  • Photo (color photo, not scanned, meet the following requirements: high-resolution-300 DPI, size 35mmx45mm, JPEG/JPG)

Please be informed, that the admission of representatives of foreign media to the events within the WNG 2018 will be carried out only with the accreditation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Representatives of foreign mass media  accredited at the MFA shall receive an appropriate accreditation certificate (accreditation cards, badges).

The issuance of accreditation cards (badges) will be carried out by the MFA of the Kyrgyz Republic after completion of all accreditation procedures i.e. after August 15, 2018.

After passing the accreditation procedure, the official notification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic will be sent to the

e-mail address of the applicant /representative of the foreign media with the note "You are accredited for WNG 2018", as well as the program and related materials (logistics, routing, event schedule collection and departure to the venue, etc.)

In addition, interested representatives of foreign media who sent an application for WNG 2018 accreditation must also provide their published materials, reports, plots, interviews, etc. (no more than 3). The above-mentioned published materials (links) should be sent to the email address with a note "Published materials".

Download application.

For all questions regarding accreditation please contact:
tel.: + 996 312 626559