International ethnocultural festival "NOMAD UNIVERSE"

International ethnocultural festival "NOMAD UNIVERSE"

The International Ethnocultural Festival "Nomad Universe" includes a cultural program of the Third World Nomad Games. All interested countries are invited to participate in the International Ethnocultural Festival "Nomad Universe". 
Objectives of the Ethno-Festival
  • Preservation of the ethnocultural heritage of nomadic people as an integral part of the world civilization.
  • Development, popularization and promotion of ethnocultural traditions of nomadic people and ethnos of the world at the international level as part of global ethnocultural movement in the era of globalization.

Events and dates of Ethno-Festival

Foreign artistic groups, artists and culture professionals are welcome to participate in the following events of the Ethno-Festival:

  1. Ethno-hit (folklore and variety art);
  2. Ethno-dances;
  3. Ethno-fashion;
  4. Ethno-bazaar (exhibition-fair);
  5. Narrative art (epics, legends);
  6. Ethno-house (dwelling of nomads).

The program of the Ethno-Festival also includes a demonstration of a participating country its national cultural program, reflecting national history, culture and traditional life.

Dates of the event: from 2nd to 8th September 2018.

Location and sites: Isyk-Kul region, Kyrgyz Republic

  • The Central racecourse of Cholpon-Ata city.
  • The "Kyrchyn" gorge.

Brief outline of activities of the Ethno-Festival


The music of the people of the world is a great legacy transmitted by word of mouth and reflecting the culture of the people, its vision of the world, its history, its way of life and aesthetic ideas. Each nation has its characteristic songs, improvisations, teachings, instructions.

The event is aimed to widely popularize diverse music culture and songs of the world.

Folklore and ethnographic ensembles, individual performers of folk songs and instrumental music, as well as performers of variety songs (members of the cultural delegations) are invited to the event "Ethno-Hit".

The event "Ethno-Hit" includes the performance of folk instrumental music, folk and pop songs that reflect the history, culture and way of life of the people of the participating country.

Performers will play 2 songs:

- Song in ethno-style

- Hit of the country

The use of the phonogram "-1" is allowed.



Traditional national dance is an integral part of the ethnic culture of each nation. This type program of the event will be devoted to the demonstration of original ethnos of different people of the world.

At the event "Ethno-dance", participation of both a soloist and a dance ensemble are welcomed (performed by members of a cultural delegation). The program of the performance could include ritual dances, folk dances, as well as dances reflecting the history, traditional culture and way of life.



      The national costume of nomad people is part of the material culture of nomads, and it is the ethno-fashion of modern individual that reflects the dialogue between generations and representatives of different national and cultural communities.

In the event of Ethno-fashion, designers of clothes of the members countries of the Third World Nomad Games and individuals (members of cultural delegation) are invited to participate, with collections of traditional national costumes or creating modern clothes, using "ethnical" embroidery.

The minimum collection should include 10 units. An exhibition-fair of clothes will be held within the frames of the Ethno-Fashion event.



Traditional crafts are an important component of the intangible cultural heritage of nomad culture. From ancient times nomads are well known for their handicrafts. Using local natural materials, they used to produce fine carpets, exquisite jewelry, household products, as well as horse and military equipment.

Handicraft of world’s nomad people will be presented at the exhibition-fair and at master-classes during "Ethno- bazaar". Exhibitors should present products that reflect the culture, traditions and way of life of their nation.


Narrative art (Epics, Legends)

       Epics and legends of the peoples of the world are transferred from generation to generation. The event is aimed to develop and promote the mastery of oral narration of world’s epics.

      At the event participants dressed in national costumes, will demonstrate their performing, improvisational skills and eloquence (members of cultural delegation).


Ethno-House (Dwelling of Nomads)

   At "Kyrchyn" gorge site participating countries can install yurts, tents, and light temporary national dwellings that were traditionally used at nomadic times. The participation in this event is optional.

Also, historical items traditionally used by ancient nomads can be exhibited at the event.


Organizers and contact information:

Kyrgyz Republic, 720040, Bishkek, A. Pushkin Street, 78.
Phones: +996 312 66 24 04, +996 312 66 39 15 +996 701 08 08 31, + 996 701 11 99 15
Fax: +996 312 66 50 46

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