Horseback Archery

Horseback Archery

Traditional archery competitions are held in the following disciplines:

- traditional archery (the Kyrgyz Republic);
- traditional archery (the Turkish Republic);
- traditional archery (the Republic of Korea);
- traditional horseback archery (Turkey and Kyrgyzstan);
- traditional distance-shooting archery (Hungary).

Traditional archery competitions do not allow Olympic bows, bows with sight, cross-bows, or the use of arrows made of carbonic and synthetic materials. Bows and arrows must be made of natural components.


HORSEBACK ARCHERY (Republic of Turkey and Kyrgyz Republic).

Composition of the team – 7 people: 6 athletes (4 men and 4 women), 1 coach.

Athletes older than 18 are allowed to take part in competitions. The competitions are held among men and women in individual rating.

Competitions are held under the current rules of Traditional Archery Association of the Turkish Republic and the Salbuurun Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Horseback archery is made in the saddle.

Download: competitions rules of Horseback Archery