Taigan Zharysh

Taigan Zharysh

Salbuurun – Kyrgyz national kinds of hunting.

Salbuurun - complex hunting games of the Kyrgyz people with hunting birds and dogs.


TAIGAN ZHARYSH – rock hound breed racing (Kyrgyz Republic).

Team composition – 4 people: maximum 3 owners of dogs, 1 coach.

A dog’s agility is determined by the speed in which it runs for a distance of 350 meters. Dogs chase the dummy of the fox or hare skin, which the rider pulls at a speed of 60-65 km/hour, or, alternatively, the dummy will be pulled by a special apparatus. The judges will decide which dogs finished first. Three dogs are released simultaneously after the judge's signal each time.

The dog competitions will have initial, semi-final and final races in which each dog’s agility is determined. If during the race a given dog tries to bite or to hinder another dog from participating in the race, then this dog will be withdrawn from the race, and the dog, which was bitten or hindered from competing in the race, will be allowed to participate in the re-match.

Download: competition rules of Taigan Zharysh