Kurash is the national wrestling of the Uzbek people. In translation from Uzbek, "kurash" means "to fairly achieve the goal." Two rivals fight in a standing position, the fight takes place on mats similar to those in judo. In kurash, fighting is forbidden in the lying position. It is possible to fight only in the standing position and only throws and strikes are permitted. The use of any hitting, pain, stifling techniques, as well as grabbing below the belt is strictly prohibited. All this makes kurash a simple, understandable, spectacular, dynamic and safe sport.

Kurash originated in ancient times on the territory of present-day Uzbekistan, it is one of the types of martial arts. The history of kurash has not less than 3500 years. Almost 2500 years ago, Herodotus, the famous ancient Greek philosopher and historian, mentions kurash in his monumental work "History" in the descriptions of customs and traditions of the peoples of ancient Uzbekistan.


KURASH – national belt wrestling (Republic of Uzbekistan)

Composition of the team – 4 people: 3 athletes, 1 coach.

Athletes older than 18 are allowed to take part in competitions. The competitions are held among men. In all weight categories a maximum of 1 athlete is allowed. Weight categories:
– up to 66 kg, up to 81 kg, absolute weight category.

Competitions are held under the current rules of the National Kurash Federation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The winner in the absolute weight category gets the right to take part in the Great Nomads Wrestling.

Download: competition rules of Kurash